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The Next Evolution in Yu-Gi-Oh!
Role Play Community's Current Year: 2001
30th-Nov-2009 02:41 pm - MOD POST: Membership is now closed.
I have now officially closed off membership to prospective newbies. With the upcoming space ship arc, we will NEED to run on a small crew... and I'm not even sure what is going to happen to this community after that arc is over. I might evolve it into something else (hence the name), or move on entirely, retiring this wonderful community to the archives of the web, collecting cyber dust...

I have sent emails to Nara and Lee, asking them to either participate or hand over their journals.

Silver has rejoined. She will be playing Varon and Seto.

I'm going to say right now, a player can only rejoin once.

TTFN, Pearl

PS: Fret not, I shall return to the entry concerning the name of the space ship...
3rd-Jul-2009 01:16 pm - Mod Post: MAJOR revisions to the RP
Okay, folks, here's the deal: I've suspended THE RULES and the Honors, Rewards, and Privileges. I've also made some major revisions to the community's profile. There is only ONE rule that is ACTIVE while THE RULES are suspended. This simplifies matters tremendously.

Also, there is a new way we're going to be handling this community. I feel that some players and some characters, especially, are being left out. After the Brownstone Arc is over, the ONLY planned out arcs there will be henceforth are mini-arcs that are character-centric. Every character in play will be in the rotation, and only once the rotation has covered all characters, will a second one start for the character.

These are MINI-arcs. Don't make them drawn out shpeels. Don't form groups and cliques, and please allow random stuff to happen within reason.

Yeti, if you want to bring in Trace now, go ahead.
3rd-Mar-2009 08:27 pm - Update
We have a new player: nara_x, who will be playing Marik Ishtar.

Two OCs have been approved: Urchin and Christie.
5th-Feb-2009 04:23 pm - Original Character Beta Process
Oh Noes
(I might be editing this later... I'm really tired at the moment.)

We all know what an original character is. Wherever this OC comes from is fine, as long as it's not a canon character from another fandom. I don't mind if s/he is based off of another character, but there needs to be distinctions. Most importantly, I don't want OCs created just to throw them into the plot. There needs to be a role, a purpose, or otherwise something of value for the character to be in this RP.

Part 1

1. Invent an OC. Come up with a name, background, and most importantly, ROLE in the PLOT.

2. Create a character journal. Do NOT friend the other characters yet.

3. Let me know what the hell you're up to at some point before this point. State your intentions about the OC, and then formally submit a petition to have the OC beta-tested.

4. Once approved, join twilight_samba and post an entry for your character there. It should be an entry as if excerpted from that character's journal. The entry is AU from this RP. The other characters should interact on the entry.

5. Post an entry as yourself in Evolution requesting feedback. Link back to OC beta entry. This is where the MOD will grill you... So, be prepared. Also, the requested feedback should be specific.

6. If the MOD feels that steps 4 & 5 were not enough, they will be repeated.

7. If the MOD feels that steps 4 & 5 were enough, then we move onto part 2.

Part 2

8. A dark room with a single, intense bright light with you, me, and your character... aka MOD Inquisition. (Those with weak constitutions will perish...)

9. If your OC passes, submit a petition for the OC to join. You need to have met all the requirements for acquiring a new character.

10. Submit a Character Sheet if you haven't already.

11. Once approved, friend all the characters in the RP, including those not played by anyone. Do not friend unapproved OCs.

12. Write your first entry for that character.
5th-Feb-2009 12:56 pm - CONTEST!
MOD Attention
Your mod needs a new icon for the community here. I challenge you to an icon making contest!

1. The icon must be 100 x 100 pixels, and less than 40 KB in size, because LJ won't allow us to upload anything bigger...
2. The icon must have ALL of the CURRENT characters being played in it.
3. Do not include OCs that have not yet been officially approved, mushrooms, etc. (See the community's user info/profile for clarification on which characters are officially being played.)
4. There is no limit to how many icons you submit, but there is a deadline. No submissions after February 14th.
5. Maintain quality.


The honor of having your icon be the community's icon. >.>
16th-Nov-2008 09:19 am - MOD Post: Edits to THE RULES
AVA Toph Jokes

1. II.I. Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) [Index: II - Roman numeral 2; I - capital i. Sorry for any confusion.^_^;;]
2. II.J. Playable Juvenile Characters (PJCs)
3. Points 1 - 5 were added underneath V.C. Managing Story Arcs.

miscellaneous corrections

Future Additions:
1. Fanonization
2. RP Jargon (ie: OOC, LOA, NPCs, etc...)
3. Dice

If there is anything else you feel needs to be addressed, please let me know! Thanks!
15th-Nov-2008 12:22 pm - Kinsey Scale Tracker!
FMA Smexy Garfiel
This is for our own giggles, not a rule or anything. For information regarding character sexual orientations, please see THE RULES: X.A.1. Thanks! Comment in character, please, but if the character is confused, doesn't know, or is lying/uncertain, put in an OOC note to show the truth.


Jonouchi Katsuya
Honda Hiroto

Pegasus J. Crawford
Varon De La Costa
Isis Ishtar



Siegfried von Schroider

Kaiba Seto


About the Kinsey ScaleCollapse )
7th-Nov-2008 07:44 am - POLICY: Character Sexuality
NRT Kawaii Chibi
THE RULES, X. Policies, A. Character Sexuality

MOD Note: I apologize for any HTML issues.


a. As previously stated in THE RULES (See II.E.1.), we support heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality. It's up to you, relatively, what you want your character to be, but the RP does have a policy against unreasonable proportions of gays versus straight. In the real world, there is only about 10% of people who are homosexual, but I will be comfortable up to 20%. If I feel we are getting a disproportionate demographic, I will have to do something about it.
            i. Kinsey Scale: The Kinsey Scale is a scale from 0 to 6 that generalizes sexual orientation. It was developed by a psychologist and named after said shrink. Homosexual is from 4 - 6, heterosexual is from 0 - 2, and bisexual is an "even-steven" 3.
                ~ 0 = 100% heterosexual with no homosexual tendencies whatsoever. (This is very rare.)
                ~ 1 = Predominately heterosexual with minor and only circumstantial homosexual tendencies. (This is the most common.)
                ~ 2 = Mostly heterosexual but has occasional homosexual tendencies. (Less common than 1, but more common than 0.)
                ~ 3 = Bisexual 50/50. Equally attracted to both males and females at all times. (Not enough information to ascertain commonality.)
                ~ 4 = Mostly homosexual but ocassional heterosexual tendencies. (About 10% of the total population is homosexual (4-6), but 4 is less common than 5, but more common than 6.)
                ~ 5 = Predominately homosexual with minor and only circumstantial heterosexual tendencies. (This is the most common out of the 10% aforementioned.)
                ~ 6 = 100% homosexual with no heterosexual tendencies whatsoever. (This is very rare.)
b. RP Sexual Orientation Statistics ~ Currently, as of 7 November 2008
i. Total Playable Characters ~ 33 = 100%
~ Canon Characters ~ 33/33 = 97%
~ Approved Original Characters ~ 0/33 = 0%
ii. Characters in Play ~ 9/33 = 27%
~ Heterosexual ~ 5/33 = 15%
~ Bisexual ~ 0/33 = 0%
~ Homosexual ~ 4/33 = 12%
~ Undeclared ~ 0/33 = 0%
c. The RP does not have a policy for the percentage of sexual orientations per player. I am not divvying up sexual orientations to players, because some players do have preferences. Therefore, the total demographics will be shared by all.
d. Do not make any number of your characters bisexual and play them only homosexual to avoid/escape being part of the homosexual percentage.
e. Dead characters are not considered in the consensus for Total Playable Characters. If your character is technically dead by traditional definition and you are playing him with the mod's permission (ie: the spirit of the Pharaoh during the canon timeline), that character is considered alive.

a. Promiscuity ~ The moderator position on promiscuity is that it's a bad idea in real life, for many reasons, largely concerning mental and physical health, but other reasons, too. However, I have no problem with you making your characters promiscuous if you so please. Just bear in mind that you need to play it realistic.
i. If you are making your characters promiscuous simply for the sake of being promiscuous and there appears to be no real point behind it, I will petition you for an explanation, and you will be subjected to a player review. (See II.C. Character Development and II.E.2.)
ii. If you make your character promiscuous with characters in play, you still need to discuss it with the other players. Also, you cannot have two or more of your own characters hook up. I don't care if it's a one-night stand; it's against THE RULES (See II.E.4. & V.B.1.).
iii. If you make your character promiscuous with non-playable characters, I don't care, as long as you follow THE RULES. (Hint: II.C. & X.A.)
b. Chastity ~ Why you would want your characters to be chaste and/or virgins is up to you. By and large, this has the obvious pro(s) that your character will not contract an STI and/or get pregnant, but the moderator being Pearl-sama also considers the cons. Again, it's up to you.
c. Sexually active, but not necessarily promiscuous: this is obviously a wide range, from one-time monogamy to serial monogamy to polygamy... What you want your characters to do is your business, just as long as it follows THE RULES.
a. Three main aspects: mental, emotional, and physical. Maintaining sexual health on all three levels is overall the responsibility of the player. I only ask that you use common sense.
b. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs ~ formally called STDs) must be petitioned. I can't fathom why you would want your character to have an STI except for two reasons:
i. You are even more anal-retentive about realism than I am... That's impressive, to say the least - scary, to say the most. It's fine, but you still need a petition.
ii. You thrive on emo, drama, angst, etc. If these are your reasons or I suspect them to be so, your petition will be denied. (See II.E.2.)
a. Your moderator is a big advocate of safe sex. I encourage you to use it both in real life and in your fantasies. The reason being that it's healthy, productive, and incorporating safe sex into RP will help to make you more comfortable with safe sex both as a player and as an individual.
b. The extent to which your characters utilize safe sex is entirely up to you. However, the RP does not support extremely unhealthy relationships or sexual lifestyles. (See II.E.2 and X.A.3.)
a. There will be no baby boom. (See X.A.6.) Please employ some method of birth control, or if after a year of unprotected sex and there is no pregnancy, I will assume your character is infertile. You will then have to send a petition to change this. (This applies to the male as well as the female.)
b. If your character's partner's player (hereafter abbreviated CPP) is not cooperating, please inform the moderator. Don't petition the player unless you have already informed me and the lack of cooperation continues or worsens. (See IV.E.)
c. The consistency in usage of birth control is up to you and your CPP.
d. Miscarriage ~ One out of four pregnancies end in miscarriage. Therefore, you have the option to roll once and only once before the first trimester is over for a miscarriage. To roll for a miscarriage, you need 2 D4 (NOT a D8) - an 8 is a miscarriage. I’m sorry.
i. I don’t want miscarriages after the first trimester is over.
ii. To have a miscarriage after the first trimester, you need to send me a petition. I will not approve of a miscarriage simply to abort the pregnancy because you feel the plot is screwed up or need to change it. This is why sex and reproduction is a big responsibility. Don't take it lightly.
e. Abortions ~ This is a touchy subject, which I respect, but I stand firm when I say NO. …unless the mother is in danger of dying or the baby is going to be in extreme pain in his or her short life and will die anyways. If either of these or both is the case, it should have been petitioned long beforehand…


a. Only females can get pregnant. There will be no strictly-male pregnancies. Only two non-female pregnancies have been approved, and it is HIGHLY unlikely that any more will be.
b. All pregnancies must be petitioned. (See IV.F.) Pregnancies are considered a plot device. Petitions for pregnancies come with a stipulation: homework.
c. Mandatory Homework will be required so that I know that you know your stuff. Both the male and the female characters' players must do the homework. Once you've done it once for any one character, you don't have to do it again. It is a one-time-only thing.
i. Homework will be a report that must be a minimum of four pages single spaced size 10 font Times New Roman with one inch margins all around. You do not need a bibliography, reference section, etc. Maximum number of pages should not exceed ten.
ii. You will cover all of the following subtopics: fetal development with a breakdown of each trimester, process of labor, prenatal care, breastfeeding, and the emotional, mental, and physical condition of the mother. You also need to research and include in your report just how difficult it can be for pregnancies to happen (ie: having too much sex or at the wrong time can be a hindrance). You may also include more stuff, but mind how you do so.
iii. How much you spend on each topic is up to you. Please be succinct. Being needlessly wordy can be aggravating. Don't fluff your report.
d. Whether you send me your homework or the petition first does not matter. You can send either one first, but if the petition comes first, it will be put on hold until the homework arrives. You can also send them both at the same time, if you want.
i. Homework that receives less than B work will automatically cause the petition to be denied.
ii. Homework with B work or better does not guarantee that the petition will be approved, but it does improve your chances.
iii. The petition can be either written in an attached document form or into the body of the email. The homework MUST be an attached document. Currently as of 08.11.08, I can only accept MS Word with my home computer and MS Works with the university's computer(s). Any other format will result in issues.
e. Dice Rolls are mandatory for a pregnancy to happen. You may only roll dice for a pregnancy after the petition has been approved. You must roll each time your character has sex (not how many orgasms/ejaculations occur), which means that you need to be conscientious of "off-screen" sex, too. This is something that you and your CPP need to discuss. Only the player of the one getting pregnant will do the dice rolls.
i. All natural: snake eyes on 2 D4s
ii. Male Condom Only: snake eyes on 2 D6s
iii. BC pills Only: 1% with D% and D10. (D% = 00 / D10 = 1)
iv. IUD Only: 10% or under with D% and D10 to see if the IUD falls out. (They do fall out sometimes…)
v. Spermicide Only: snake eyes on 2 D20s
vi. Combinations: Roll all dice simultaneously pertaining to each method of BC. If for example, your character is using condoms and BC pills, you must roll two (2) D6s, a percentile (D%), and a D10. The D6s must both be ones, the percentile must be 00, and the D10 must also be one in order for your character to get pregnant.
vii. Other: ask mod via Gmail chat
viii. If I find out you were dishonest with the dice, I will terminate your membership, and you will be put on RED status. (See V.A.5.)
(Temporary MOD Note: I'll write up a policy on DICE and post it soon.)


a. Sexual harassment of one character by another is permitted without a petition and without consulting the other player involved for explicit permission. However, it is a good idea to ask the other player first. You must keep it in the game and not personal. If you have issues with this, talk to the player responsible first, and if that doesn't result in a satisfactory solution, then talk to me. You also can have your own characters sexually harass each other - but only in minimal moderation.
b. Sexual molestation of one character by another is not permitted without asking the other player for explicit permission. In other words, get it in an email or chat. This means that this chat/email is subject to be viewable to the moderator if she asks for proof in order to settle matters. You can not have any one of your own characters molest another one of your own characters ever.
c. Rape of one character by another is not permitted without a petition, which needs to be sent by both players involved. You are not allowed to have one of your own characters rape another of your own characters ever.
d. Pre-RP history may include rape, molestation, and sexual harassment of your character by a non-playable character(s) without any petitions, permissions, etc. Please do not overdo this.
8. POLITICS ~ This RP is set in a global stage, so be conscientious of the laws of the land in which your character(s) is (are) residing. The current year of the RP is 2000, which means that the RP is 8 years behind RL Time. If you want a fudge factor for the law, either to fabricate a new one, or to modify or eliminate an existing one, you must send a petition.

FINAL NOTE: Please note that RELATIONSHIPS are covered in THE RULES already, under Section II. Characterization, E. Relationships. Please familiarize yourself with this, too, as well as the rest of THE RULES in general. Remember, this RP is not pairing-oriented! We recognize the tendency to pair characters together, and we respect the wish to have characters in a relationship. Just bear in mind that this is not the main point to the RP. Thanks.
NRT Kawaii Chibi
I'm temporarily suspending all policies until I have sufficient time to think them over. I am considering revising them so that they are not so complicated and a burden on players. I think I might have gone overboard, even though my heart was in the right place... >.>

That is all. Thank you.
26th-Oct-2008 10:38 am - MOD Post: Edit to THE RULES
NRT Kawaii Chibi
I edited THE RULES to provide a link to the POLICIES. New, additional rules that are made but would require major edits to THE RULES are called Policies. They will be posted as their own individual entries, and when they're posted, the members are informed of the new policy. They are all linked (your mod is a genius) with one link in the Final Note in THE RULES.

Now, why didn't I provide a link here?

You should know how to find THE RULES.

1) go to this community's user info
2) click on the big, bold link that says "THE RULES"

^_^ Easy, ne?

~ Your hungry and cold moderator, Pearl-sama

PS: Upcoming Policies yet to be written will cover Rape, Dice, and Fanonization, which is my new term for what I was calling "special characters" or "extraordinary characters" previously in mod posts and casual chats. Since I only have two members, they both know what I'm talking about... ^_^;;

If you can think of anything I've not yet covered, please feel free to comment! THANKS!!!
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